Digital content roundup – November 2013

Rounding up

I want to share some useful and interesting reading I’ve come across this month. Note, some of the links are from further back but still relevant. There’s a strong content strategy theme here. Repurposing content It takes a lot of effort to create great content so try to repurpose the content you do create. This […]

Animated gifs – yay or nay?

arty animated gif

If you had asked me 15 years ago if using animated gifs was a good idea I would have said an emphatic NO! If you weren’t using the web that long ago, here’s a reminder of how they looked back then. Remember the ‘Under construction’, and the famous dancing baby? Best forgotten. They were pretty […]

Are you responsive?

responsive web design for content is

It’s no secret that mobile devices like phones and tablets are used a lot more to view websites and to do tasks like shopping and banking. At a recent comedy event, Catch of the Day co-founder Leibovich saw some strangers in front of him use the Catch of the Day app on their phones. I’m […]