About me

Hello, my name is Jenny Clift and I am a web content manager, specialising in digital communications. As my work spans places other than this website, below is a collection of things available in the public domain that I’ve created or played a big part in.

Find out more, and connect with me, via LinkedIn.


Articles I’ve written on LinkedIn about using Gather Content:

Semantically driven

I’ve been blogging personally for over 10 years. I’ve been featured on top 100 bloggers lists and invited to brand’s events as a result.

Web/social projects

Study at Flinders

I liaised with the stakeholders to update and re-write content and published it in WordPress to meet a tight deadline. I created landing pages specifically for audience groups so all the information they need is accessible from one place.

Faces of Flinders

Based on the Humans of New York concept, this project was an opportunity to create authentic stories representing the diverse university community at Flinders. We engaged a student to take the photos and interview the participants. Posts were edited to go on the Tumblr page and edited for use on social media – Facebook and Twitter.

It created really good engagement on social media with the standout Facebook post of a well-known on-campus identity: reach 140,356, likes: 2,315, comments: 937 and 100 shares.


I participated in Frocktober in 2014 to raise money for ovarian cancer research. Using EveryDay Hero I set the default goal of raising $700 but due to my photo or photos per day of wearing a different frock and writing a little story about each one I raised nearly $900. Frocktober featured me on their Facebook page too.

Papa Dave website

I helped a friend setup a website for his clowning. I used WordPress as the content management system and came up with suggestions for the site’s structure and edited the content. I’ve shown him how to update it himself – the beauty of using a CMS like WordPress.

Hughes PR blog

At Hughes PR part of our digital strategy was to setup a blog. I set it up using WordPress.com and wrote a number of articles about digital media.

Photo a day becomes an exhibition

A story about my photo exhibition featured on Adelaide Tweet. See the photos here.

Safari suit

I setup a Facebook page as a repository for all things safari suit as there’s a huge love for safari suits in Adelaide. More information is available on the Safari suit website.