Why proofreading is so important


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this. I saw it one day and it obviously stood out for me. When I saw it the next day I drove around the block to get this photo. Not only is ‘every’ spelt incorrectly, the %25 bit got me, and the inconsistency of the lower-case l with […]

The double space and the title case


The first time I ever had to follow a style guide (of sorts) I was working as a word processor operator at an engineering firm. My manager reiterated that there should be certain punctuation in addresses,  two spaces after full-stops, and title case (ie initial capital letters) for headings. This was during the time of […]

A trip down memory lane

Coca-cola website, 1990s

My son and I love watching movies together and now he’s a bit older there are more options. We watched the first Mission Impossible film recently. It was made in 1996 – nearly 20 years ago. During part of the film, Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hawke, sits down at his laptop and opens a web […]

Have website. Have content

Work ahead - add your content before publishing

If I could say one thing – to borrow a line from The Checkout television show – I would say: Don’t have blank pages on your website When I say blank pages I mean pages with a heading and maybe a line ‘check back in soon’. Why would you do this you wonder? Or who […]

Tips for email marketing


Email is the most used form of digital communication and can be a very effective marketing tool. Below are some tips to help get your email opened and acted upon. Consider why you’re sending the email in the first place Don’t waste people’s time, or yours, by sending something that’s not valuable or helpful. Why […]

Using Storify for content

storify save

  Last week I participated in @problogger Twitter chat about content for your blog. I thought I might get some blog fodder myself out of it so decided to keep the most common themes from the chat in a Storify story so I’d have something to come back to later. For those who haven’t used […]