Why proofreading is so important


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this. I saw it one day and it obviously stood out for me. When I saw it the next day I drove around the block to get this photo. Not only is ‘every’ spelt incorrectly, the %25 bit got me, and the inconsistency of the lower-case l with […]

The double space and the title case


The first time I ever had to follow a style guide (of sorts) I was working as a word processor operator at an engineering firm. My manager reiterated that there should be certain punctuation in addresses,  two spaces after full-stops, and title case (ie initial capital letters) for headings. This was during the time of […]

Using Storify for content

storify save

  Last week I participated in @problogger Twitter chat about content for your blog. I thought I might get some blog fodder myself out of it so decided to keep the most common themes from the chat in a Storify story so I’d have something to come back to later. For those who haven’t used […]

Plan to maintain your website

Notes on OKF website redesign

I went for a job interview over a year ago now. Actually it was an informal coffee chat about an opportunity but I like the informal and think there should be more of them. They’d found me on LinkedIn and been proactive about seeking new talent which I liked. Otherwise LinkedIn hasn’t really worked that […]

Brainstorming content ideas for your website

google trends

I think everybody who’s ever launched a website, blog or social media site has every intention of keeping it up-to-date and fresh but all too often this doesn’t happen. Here are some ways to expand on ideas you have in regards to your online content. Brainstorm I’m using Evernote to add ideas for this website. […]