Plan to maintain your website

Notes on OKF website redesign

I went for a job interview over a year ago now. Actually it was an informal coffee chat about an opportunity but I like the informal and think there should be more of them. They’d found me on LinkedIn and been proactive about seeking new talent which I liked. Otherwise LinkedIn hasn’t really worked that […]

Digital content roundup – November 2013

Rounding up

I want to share some useful and interesting reading I’ve come across this month. Note, some of the links are from further back but still relevant. There’s a strong content strategy theme here. Repurposing content It takes a lot of effort to create great content so try to repurpose the content you do create. This […]

Updating a website – where to start


A colleague emailed me recently saying that she was overwhelmed with her task of updating their website. However, she kind of knew what she wanted and realised that what they currently have has become out of control and unfriendly to their users. She’d started by making a plan on paper but was a bit stuck. […]

Tone of voice guideline examples


I’m working tone of voice guidelines as part of my job at the moment. I’d never written or used these before but now that I am I realise I’ve used tone of voice instinctively nonetheless. Because the term it was fairly new to me I did a load of research on what tone of voice […]