A trip down memory lane

Coca-cola website, 1990s

My son and I love watching movies together and now he’s a bit older there are more options. We watched the first Mission Impossible film recently. It was made in 1996 – nearly 20 years ago. During part of the film, Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hawke, sits down at his laptop and opens a web […]

Tips for email marketing


Email is the most used form of digital communication and can be a very effective marketing tool. Below are some tips to help get your email opened and acted upon. Consider why you’re sending the email in the first place Don’t waste people’s time, or yours, by sending something that’s not valuable or helpful. Why […]

Animated gifs – yay or nay?

arty animated gif

If you had asked me 15 years ago if using animated gifs was a good idea I would have said an emphatic NO! If you weren’t using the web that long ago, here’s a reminder of how they looked back then. Remember the ‘Under construction’, and the famous dancing baby? Best forgotten. They were pretty […]

Are you responsive?

responsive web design for content is

It’s no secret that mobile devices like phones and tablets are used a lot more to view websites and to do tasks like shopping and banking. At a recent comedy event, Catch of the Day co-founder Leibovich saw some strangers in front of him use the Catch of the Day app on their phones. I’m […]

My favourite tools to consume digital content

Mr. Potato Head Has His Nose in a Book

When I was a kid eating breakfast I used to read the writing on cereal packets. That’s after I’d taken out the little toy at the bottom of the packet. We’d go on family holidays and I always had my ‘nose stuck in a book’ according to my parents. I’d read anything. Nothing’s changed except […]

Where to start?

Swimming in a sea of content

The inaugural blog post on a new blog. Where do I start? Afterall it’s not like I’ve never written anything before so it should be easy, right? So what are my plans for this blog? I’ve brainstormed a bunch of ideas around content to include here which revolve around digital content and how to plan […]