Where to start?

Swimming in a sea of content

The inaugural blog post on a new blog. Where do I start? Afterall it’s not like I’ve never written anything before so it should be easy, right?

So what are my plans for this blog?

I’ve brainstormed a bunch of ideas around content to include here which revolve around digital content and how to plan for it, maintain it, and how to create it.

I’ve been working on websites both professionally and personally since the mid 90s and  have learned a thing or two during that time. And added to the mix is social media which has has had a huge impact on the digital content space and diversified and created jobs.

It certainly impacted me when I had a job revolving around websites only then all of a sudden there’s Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter accounts to look after.

However, I still see websites which are created and left, or worse, websites that are added to but not properly maintained. Afterall it’s dead easy to create a new webpage and not properly consider how it fits into the overall communication and business objectives of the business. And I won’t get started on the dead webpages that are still available because they’ve not been removed.

In an ideal world there would be enough resources to maintain websites so that they’re easy to use for their intended audience. Most organisations I’ve worked in have people to put out the daily spot fires but there’s never enough time to plan and act more proactively around digital content. That’s a pity because if it was an ideal world I’d have more work than I could possibly do.

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